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You are a trainer, you can make Emi gain fat or muscles or both. Choose her daily calories and her exercises. After you increase her attitude, you will see her progress in a shower and after a while you could even inflate her with water.

Warning! Nudity!

Warning! Read this before you buy!

If you follow me, you should know, that for now I create multiple short games with some sort of game mechanics in almost standard interface. It is literally a bunch of images, that appear in different circumstances and there is almost no weight gain. All my games are stuffing games. And for me the main value is that they are different. Different models, morphs, clothes, different style of interactions. Every game is an experiment. They are as they are. Some people, such as me like such things and diversity. So if you are not into it, i ask you to understand and to forgive))

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsbelly, belly-stuffing, bloated, fitness, stuffed, water-inflation, weight-gain


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Version 1.0
yuliya3k.fitgame-release.apk 817 MB
Version 1.0
fitness-game-osx.zip 757 MB
Version 1.0

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what would be the best way of going about each route

Got a question for the author


Nice concept. It just feels very short and after 100 days there seems to be no difference. You could make it so the clothes pop out and stuff


The chicken sandwich I could have bought with this money would have been more fun


Goood game pls big donkers with muscles 😎👍


I wish this was fre


yeah same


question:how to proceed making fat and mucle,by nutriniton plan and training way also by hidrating?

damn its so good and hot i like this one


could you please make demos of your games which you can play in browser

good question too


Hi I was wondering if you could port this to a Mac OS later than 9? I paid for the game not realizing that most Macs don't run the old software anymore. I get if that's hard but it'd be greatly appreciated :)

im running it on Mojave with 0 issues


Looking forward to more content. Would like to see her gain more weight and bloat bigger. I really like her outfit

the whole sense is that if actually navel could pop out and some of rip of clotehs


I really like this game after playing it, just wish there was more fat stages.  and maybe a naked mode? as a bonus feature after "completing"

Nice! this looks like it could be interesting and for 3 dollars Canadian i decided to purchase it for such a fair price with decent amount of content already, I will let you know what i think of the game when i get around playing it :) 

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how do you access funnel?


You need to have very high attitude, just continue to train and some day it will be enough

thank you.

i question like i always take attention in days of when the change starts so i wonder in which games there is a mesure of the days when the change of appearance starts in this game and others

do you made also a browser version?

I can, but itch.io supports for browser only games under 500 Mb

have you tried another browser?

have you tried another browser?


will make it some time for free at easter?


good game, but a bit short.I'm waiting for further upgrade


Thanks, there is planned update with Emi actually doing excercises

Got stuck on day 25, fat focus. Go to next day button stopped working. No errors.

Done a few playthroughs and had this happen on fat+muscle, fat (again). Not sure what's triggering it, but it might be the attitude change/shower not firing? Haven't seen that scene yet and have managed to get weights to change pretty drastically.


Hmm, I've fixed the figures in code that were connected to the type of weight gain, so try it and tell if it worked, please)


yeah, that worked. Thanks!